jobs for


  • floor& wall tiling replace
  • such window repair
  • brick render repair
  • concrete repair
  • kitchen cabinet replace
  • furniture repair
  • new laminex on bench top
  • fence post replace
  • polycarbonate roofing replace, etc


  • new plasterboard&cornice
  • new door and locks or repair
  • termite damage repair (new wall, ceiling and cladding)
  • lintel opening
  • partition wall
  • new door and window
  • pergola&deck construction
  • locks fixing
  • small concrete slabs, etc



Repair of Deck and Pergola or new

Whether you're looking to replace a few worn boards, redo a broken railing or dealing with more significant, structural rot or termite damage, we've got the know-how to seamlessly integrate repairs with an otherwise viable structure.

Lintel Opening

maximize your home or office space and create other environments


If the lock is damaged, then you will have to replace it or have it repaired. Door locks and keys are inextricably linked, as such, you will have to work on fixing your broken key. If you have both halves of a broken key, a locksmith will be able to assist you by making a new key.